Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books Elsewhere: July Edition!

Hello all!- I’ve been keeping busy this July. I’ve been reading a whole bunch, visiting the nerdiest of book sales and writing about everything I read. Some of it you can find here on the blog, of course, but some of it has been elsewhere!

I’ve been continuing to write for Barnes and Noble, mostly for the sci-fi and fantasy blog this month. Been exciting to dive back into my high fantasy geekery this month!:

On Stina Leicht’s Cold Iron, an epic fantasy some of you might like to try:

Throwback Thursday, on Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy:

In which my Star Wars and Shakespeare enthusiasms unite!:

Of the American Revolution and Magickal Beings:

On Lynn Flwelling’s original three Nightrunner novels!:

I have an author interview coming up with an exciting fantasy author, as well as some posts scheduled for the main Barnes and Noble blog that should be great fun, and I’ll post those here later in August.

I will also be taking on a writing project for the Southeast Review. Keep your eyes peeled for that final project when it comes out this fall!

And now back to your regularly scheduled reading! Happy book nerding to all!