Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books Elsewhere: May and June Edition!

Hello all!- I have finally returned for the summer months to hopefully much more regular updates, since Real Life job has slowed down for the time being. I started off with a review of the amaaaaaaaaazzzzzzing My Brilliant Friend, which you should probably stop reading this post and just go find right now. But on the off chance you’re stuck where you are, in the meantime here’s a few posts that I’ve written over the past few months elsewhere for you to read:

In which I detail my fantasy cast for the upcoming American Gods adaptation:

For your next literary cocktail party: a crib sheet of literary references:

Game of Thrones Characters vs. Shakespearean Counterparts: Celebrity Deathmatch!:

Continuing the Shakespeare theme… my Top 10 Shakespearean Romances, Ranked:

The six scenes I was (and still am, for some that haven’t aired yet!) excited to see on BBC’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell:

The Doll Collection. The Toys Aren’t Evil, But We Might Be:

As for what I’m doing now? I will be immediately tackling a few other new reading projects. One is most certainly Ferrante’s second installment of her Neapolitan trilogy, The Story of a New Name, and a review of that is coming soon here, along with a review of Marc Van Doren’s wonderful book of Shakespeare essays that I’ve been reading on and off over the past few months.

But I will also be reading Dead Man’s Reach, Ceceilia Holland’s new fantasy book, and Twelve Kings in Sharakai for Barnes and Noble’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog in the coming months! There are also some banked reviews of other books that should be coming soon. I’ll keep you updated with a new Shoulda Coulda Woulda Books Elsewhere post soon!