In Which She Should Probably Introduce Herself First or Something

Welcome! This is a blog that will house a new project of book reviews, discussions and essays. I have begun this project in order to give a chance to all those shoulda been, coulda been, woulda been favorite books that no doubt haunt all our shelves right now, unbeknownst to us, just waiting for their moment to be awesome! You can read more about the sort of thing we’ll focusing on here.

As for me! I thought that before I became your mysterious leader, hiding behind a curtain of devastating and heartbreaking works of reviewing genius, I’d share a few details about myself. Name’s Kelly. (Yeah, I wanted a cooler name, too. I won’t even you what florid confirmation name I picked to make up for it.) I originally hail from the Northeast, but I have been accumulating degrees, teaching, working and living in the DC metropolitan area for the better part of the past decade, with stints in New York and London mixed in there as well. I came by my love of reading early (I was the only kid who had to repeatedly sit on the bench at recess for reading too much), and as you can tell, I’ve clearly gotten over that nonsense. I read a variety of genres, from your Canonical Works on Pedestals Made of Harold Bloom’s Dreams to your smaller works of literary fiction to fantasy and science fiction to essays, narrative history and the occasional biography of someone I think is super fascinating. Any and all of these sorts of books could be featured here, and, (she adds optimistically), perhaps some works in the French language, since I am on a campaign to reclaim my ability to read in that language.

I look forward to branching out into new genres and new authors and, of course, continuing to build myself one of the most unholy terrifying mountains ever to be referred to as a TBR.

Happy reading! Let’s get to it!